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Self-Made Halloween Costume

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So as a Halloween post, I decided to put up a few pictures of myself in my costume from last weekend.  I made myself into a headcrab zombie from the “Half-Life” series.  Basically, it is a parasitic alien that attacks peoples heads, kills them, and controls their body afterward.  Pretty cute, huh?


Project Pipeline: Post 4

This week I finished roughing out the scenes assigned to me (13, 14, and 15).  In some of the scenes I manipulated the storyboard so that the viewer gets the sense of background movement.  For the creature, I wanted to add character to his movements and make sure that he never truly stays still.  It was actually quite fun to animate the bubbly little creature.  What was more difficult were some of the walk and run cycles involved in these scenes.  Her pony tail seems to move a bit too much during the walk in scene 13.  In scene 15, I decided to make her notice the slenderman before running to add more character and give more reason for the run.  All in all, i had really enjoyed animating these scenes.

Rough Animation to Sound

another assignment for animation 1

Project Pipeline: Post 3

This is a roughed- out version of scene 14.  I will be working of roughing out the other scenes as well this week.

Pipeline: Post 2

So this last week we were supposed to experiment with the characters.  I wanted to play with moving the girl in 3 dimensional space.  I have also added a bit to what I did on Thursday so that I could play with her emotions and the secondary actions of her hair and sweatshirt.  These are rough and are supposed to indicate motion and a general sense of shape and weight without becoming too detailed.

Walk Cycle for Animation 1

Project Pipeline: Post 1

I am really excited for this project.  We are doing a huge collaboration to make an animation.  We only have 5 weeks to pull it off so let’s go!  Here is a link to Emma’s blog .  She is the director of this project and came up with the main idea.  And here is the link to The Lost Files, which is this project’s main site.

I am going to be working as an animator for this project.  Since our group is still in the process of getting the story written and characters designed,  we have mainly been playing around with sketching the characters in various ways.  Here are some of my sketches.

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