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Final animatic for Story-boarding: Ashes

This is my final animatic for story-boarding.  Sorry that the story is so depressing.



Final for Animation I

I will probably try to color this and fix some small things up later.

Student Choice Project: Post 5

Its been a busy week!  After many scratches and nicks in my fingers, I managed to finish the metal armature of my octopus character and perform a short test with it.

I am pretty happy with the mixture of stability and flexibility that the figure has.  The lowest portion of its body has wires that cross and are attached to each other at the intersection to increase stability.  The belly portion also involves wires that cross, but one is looped around the other instead of firmly attached. Octopus This allows the wires to slide along each other increasing the range of movement so that the creature can have a bouncy belly.  The neck is attached to the body with slightly loosened loops of wire so that the head may turn.  It wasn’t easy to make, and the sting in my fingers suggest that perhaps I should invest in a good pair of gloves.  However, I am pretty satisfied with the overall results.  Hopefully, I will be able to continue building onto this skeleton (my order from JoAnn’s fabrics has finally arrived).  In any case, I have learned a lot from this project about manipulating wire so that it performs in the way I want it to.

As for now, I am going to rest my fingers.  Especial my thumbDSCN7319.

Student Project: Post 4

So, this week I have been making a wire octopus arm as a test.  Today I experimented with making a short stop-motion animation with it.  You can see the video below.

I am satisfied with its ability to move without being too flimsy, stiff, or damaging itself.  However, I wish I was able to put the skin on as well.  Unfortunately, Jo Anne’s fabrics is being a bit slow with the delivery of supplies.  For next week I plan on constructing the wire skeleton of the armature to the best of my abilities.  I was originally hoping on having a finished product by next time, but have learned that creating a stop-motion puppet involves more preparation than I had previously thought.

For a closer look into the design of the arm, you can look at the pictures below.