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Sketches and Gestures from Life – #1

These are the first of many sketches that I have done from life over the past month.  My commercial figure drawing class regularly went to the library to make gestures of the people there.  We use a simplified tube-and-block version of the human figure to get the main gesture of the pose.  It is important to be quick.  You never know when someone is going to move, which is why it is also important to use memory to finish many of the poses.

librarysketches1 librarysketches2



Sketches and Gestures of Cartoons #1

Sorry that this is a day late.  My internet connection has been horrible and won’t upload anything.  These are sketches from my sketchbook.  In my animation 3 class we watched the Tom and Jerry short, “Mouse in Manhattan,” and the Mickey Mouse short, “Mickey’s Symphony Hour.”  Afterward, my teacher would pause certain parts for a minute or two and we would draw quick gestures of the characters.  I have been told in a comment that I should write more in my blog rather than relying purely on images and video to get my points across.  Therefore, for those of you who care to know more, I have written about the process behind creating these quick gestures below.


Creating quick gestures of cartoons is very similar to creating ones of people  with a few noticeable differences.  One difference is that while the human pelvic area can be simplified into a cube, a cartoon’s pelvic area is almost always spherical.  Also, while all people adhere to some general norms in terms of proportion, cartoons go by rules of their own.  It is much like drawing children in that you must first access how many heads tall the character is to aid in your drawing.  Probably the biggest difference between drawing live people and cartoons is that the poses of cartoons are exaggerated to extremes.  When drawing, it is easy to sometimes make the mistake of underestimating the amount of exaggeration taking place.  Drawing the line of action first helps aid in achieving the true stance of the pose.  Also, noticing the placement of the limbs in relationship with each other helps.  Hopefully I will get better and faster at doing these gestures as the year progresses.

I’m Back – and Updated the Look of the Site

I’m back to school and back to the chopping block.  I’ll be posting a lot more (for real this time– it is requirement of some of my classes).  I have  wanted to update the look of my site forever because I felt as if the colors in the background were a bit distracting.  Now I have finally had the chance to changed it to something a bit more subdued.  I hope it reminds people of the taste and smell of coffee, because that was what was on my mind as I was painting it.  Nothing puts me in a better mood than sitting and reading with a nice cup of coffee.  I was working with watercolor yesterday in order to create the look.  Below is the full version of the self-portrait that I made for the new header.


For those of you curious to know, I created most of this painting with watercolor and added a few accents in photoshop. (not too much as I did not want to lose the texture or the imperfect feel)  I have finally decided to embrace my glasses, since most days I end up wearing them rather than bothering with contacts.  I’ll have a post up tomorrow with rough animation gestures and sketches!