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More Gesture Sketches V!

Even more gesture sketches and drawings!  Here are a few from last Friday, to see even more of my gestures from that day and others check out my gesture drawing site!

spread1_again spread2_again



More Gesture Sketches IV

For homework in my cafe sketch class I’ve been drawing snowboarders in the Olympics.  To see more gestures from this assignment and others ,check out my blogger site!SPREAD2


More Gesture Sketches! III

Last Friday in my cafe Sketch class we drew gestures of ice skaters.  For more drawings from this assignment and others check out my blogger site of just figure and gesture drawings.



More Gesture Sketches! II

Here are some more life sketches and gestures from my Cafe Sketch class.  We’ve been drawing dancers and ice skaters lately.  For more of my life sketches from this class check out my my  blogger site!


Character Concept for Game Design

For my personal project in my Game Design class, I am doing a point and click game about a girl who is eaten by a monster and must collect items from the caves of the monster’s intestines in order to get out.  For the design of my character, I was originally leaning towards an extremely gritty and grotesque look, but the design below, of the girl with glasses, seemed more likable to people.  She also has a very clear and readable silhouette, which is important in any character.  I will animate a walk cycle for “glasses girl” soon.  Also, I need to think of a name for her…any suggestions? Fuchs_game_character


More Gesture Sketches!

Last week, for homework in my cafe sketch class, we were supposed to take some of our old life-sketches that had small and hairy lines and redraw them in a clearer and more readable way.  For more of my life sketches from this assignment and more check out my  blogger site!