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Ugly Unicorn!

Sorry for the silence recently.  School ended and I took a bit of time off to play the Bioshock series, but now I’m ready to get back to work. I do not usually do digital paintings, but I recently got a new tablet that I wanted to try out.  So, naturally, I tried to make the ugliest unicorn that I could imagine.  🙂BAunicorn2




Texturing for Game Design: Post 2

In my Game Design class we have been collaborating to make a game called “Cthulhu Cop”.  I have been making animations and textures for the project.  Here is a picture of a barrel and fluid container I textured that shows how many faces the objects are made of.  The model was created by Jacob Augenstein and the original concept design was made by Matt Wydick.  You should check out their sites! barrelTextures fluidcontanertextured