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Life Drawings Galore: week 5

Drawing people walking and working around campus.

Fuchs_hands005 Fuchs_hands006 Fuchs_hands007



Life Drawings Galore: week 4

What?  More?  Yes.

CD.9.23_002 CD.9.23_003 CD.9.23_001

Character Silhouette Experimentation

Sometimes it is easier to experiment with character variations when focusing on just the silhouette rather than all the little details inside.  This pictures are me experimenting with my earlier character.

silhouettes1_2 silhouettes2_2


Life Drawings Galore: week 3

More life drawings!

I drew a lot of hands this week, because I feel like my skills are lacking a bit in that area.





Life Drawings Galore: week 2

Even more life drawings!


Welcome Fest 9/5/14


Welcome Fest 9/5/14


Welcome Fest 9/5/14


Life Drawings Galore: week 1

FuchsCD_week1Here it comes again!  Prepared to be bombarded with life drawings!


Making a Character


This is a character I created this weekend.  She is a futuristic space pirate named Brenda.  Her background is that she grew up as a colonial kid on a farm of a far away moon.  She earned her burn scars when she was young by playing too close to a supplies drop-off zone.  She grew up quite resentful of what she considered her home and everyone in it.  At 14 years of age she stole one of the drop off ships and flew it to Earth, the stories of which she had idealized.  The planet, however, was different than she had expected and she found herself unable to fit in with the bustle of the cities.  Feeling cheated and like she had no where to go she began stealing larger space vessels and became a rogue.

Honestly, she does not have a very likable personality.  She is self-centered and selfish.  Her mindset is that the universe and everyone in it are trying to do her wrong.  She is unable to relate to most people, and although she steals she has little value for material goods.  She steals because in her eyes all people are against her and she wants to bring them down a notch.