I am a passionate animator and 3D modeler.

Digital Painting

Generating Ideas

So, in one of my classes this semester we are collaborating to create a short student film.  We are not sure what it is going to be about yet, but we have been brainstorming.  So far we have been interested in doing settings that are in outer space or under water.  Given these possible settings, I’ve been doing some quick drawings to help come up with ideas.




Ugly Unicorn!

Sorry for the silence recently.  School ended and I took a bit of time off to play the Bioshock series, but now I’m ready to get back to work. I do not usually do digital paintings, but I recently got a new tablet that I wanted to try out.  So, naturally, I tried to make the ugliest unicorn that I could imagine.  🙂BAunicorn2



Peter Jackson: Digital Painting Practice

This is a digital painting of Peter Jaxon from the book The Passage by Justin Cronin.  I drew many busts of the characters in my sketchbook and decided to transfer this one to digital media.  I may be cranking more of these out soon.  If anyone is looking for a book to read I would highly recommend this book.  It is a horror story with suspense,love, and spirituality in turn.  Its sequal, The Twelve, came out last fall.  Here is a link for anyone interested.



Digital Painting Practice

So, I haven’t posted in a bit.  I have to admit I got distracted by winter break.  However, I didn’t forget to practice my skills.  I am trying to become a better digital painter so I have been slowly working on this piece.  Here is how the progress is going. Don’t worry.  The color will be added back in later!