I am a passionate animator and 3D modeler.

Game Design


Texturing for Game Design: Post 2

In my Game Design class we have been collaborating to make a game called “Cthulhu Cop”.  I have been making animations and textures for the project.  Here is a picture of a barrel and fluid container I textured that shows how many faces the objects are made of.  The model was created by Jacob Augenstein and the original concept design was made by Matt Wydick.  You should check out their sites! barrelTextures fluidcontanertextured



Character Concept for Game Design

For my personal project in my Game Design class, I am doing a point and click game about a girl who is eaten by a monster and must collect items from the caves of the monster’s intestines in order to get out.  For the design of my character, I was originally leaning towards an extremely gritty and grotesque look, but the design below, of the girl with glasses, seemed more likable to people.  She also has a very clear and readable silhouette, which is important in any character.  I will animate a walk cycle for “glasses girl” soon.  Also, I need to think of a name for her…any suggestions? Fuchs_game_character