I am a passionate animator and 3D modeler.



New Sketches

Here are some recent sketches I created. I’ve been playing around with some story ideas. Nothing concrete yet but it will probably involve a lot of creatures from myths and folklore with my own twist.







Robin in Ink

I was so sad when a robin flew into my window (probably drunk on fermented berries).  I cried very hard because I was hoping it would be alive, but then I got my inks out because what better chance was I going to have to draw a beautiful bird being perfectly still.  Consider this my obituary for you, little robin.



Ugly Unicorn!

Sorry for the silence recently.  School ended and I took a bit of time off to play the Bioshock series, but now I’m ready to get back to work. I do not usually do digital paintings, but I recently got a new tablet that I wanted to try out.  So, naturally, I tried to make the ugliest unicorn that I could imagine.  🙂BAunicorn2



Paintings and Drawings from last Semester

So, last Semester I wasn’t so great about posting regularly, but I was still turning out a lot of artwork.  Here is some of my work from last semester.  I do not consider myself much of a painter, but I liked using ink or black and white paint as a medium with which I could learn to use values more efficiently. digication6 digicationPainting2 digicationPainting1



Self-Made Halloween Costume

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So as a Halloween post, I decided to put up a few pictures of myself in my costume from last weekend.  I made myself into a headcrab zombie from the “Half-Life” series.  Basically, it is a parasitic alien that attacks peoples heads, kills them, and controls their body afterward.  Pretty cute, huh?