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Hello!  Welcome to my Art Blog.  A place of drawings, sculpts, and randomness.

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Life Drawings Galore: week 5

Drawing people walking and working around campus.

Fuchs_hands005 Fuchs_hands006 Fuchs_hands007


Texturing for Game Design

In my Game Design class we have been collaborating to make a game called “Cthulhu Cop”.  I have been making animations and textures for the project.  Here is a picture of a sign I textured for both high and low quality that shows how many faces the objects are made of.  The model was made by Jacob Augenstein and the original concept design was made by Matt Wydick.  You should check out their sites!  I created the textures by sculpting and painting the original models in Mudbox.  I mapped out the UVs in Maya, exported the texture maps from Mudbox and applied them to the lower res versions in Maya.  It is important for game elements to be as simple as possible in order for the game to run smoothly.  Textures help the game look nice, while not eating up memory.



Moving Back? … Hey look Sketches!

I know I said I was moving out to blogger, but I changed my mind.  To make up for it I have new artwork to show! My cafe sketch class (a class in which we go outside and draw gestures of people) requires that we posts our sketches to blogspot.  For this reason, rather than double posting, I am going to have a link available for anyone who wants to see my gesture sketches from that class. There will be a plethora of work flowing in from there, because I’ll be drawing an average of 150 sketches a week (I have to or I don’t get an A). To see more work from that class click this link, or the photo below.


What else have I been up to? Last semester I was busy working on an animation of a zombie getting up in the morning.  Pieces of that work (Its unfinished) and other animations will be posted tomorrow.

Moving Out

After much thought I have decided to leave my wordpress blog and start blogging on Blogger.  To reach my new address click this link!  I will have all sorts of new stuff up there including new animations, sketches, and concept designs. 


Sketches and Gestures from Life – #1

These are the first of many sketches that I have done from life over the past month.  My commercial figure drawing class regularly went to the library to make gestures of the people there.  We use a simplified tube-and-block version of the human figure to get the main gesture of the pose.  It is important to be quick.  You never know when someone is going to move, which is why it is also important to use memory to finish many of the poses.

librarysketches1 librarysketches2

I’m Back – and Updated the Look of the Site

I’m back to school and back to the chopping block.  I’ll be posting a lot more (for real this time– it is requirement of some of my classes).  I have  wanted to update the look of my site forever because I felt as if the colors in the background were a bit distracting.  Now I have finally had the chance to changed it to something a bit more subdued.  I hope it reminds people of the taste and smell of coffee, because that was what was on my mind as I was painting it.  Nothing puts me in a better mood than sitting and reading with a nice cup of coffee.  I was working with watercolor yesterday in order to create the look.  Below is the full version of the self-portrait that I made for the new header.


For those of you curious to know, I created most of this painting with watercolor and added a few accents in photoshop. (not too much as I did not want to lose the texture or the imperfect feel)  I have finally decided to embrace my glasses, since most days I end up wearing them rather than bothering with contacts.  I’ll have a post up tomorrow with rough animation gestures and sketches!