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3D sculpting Mania

So I learned a lot about 3D sculpting this semester, but was so busy creating these sculpts that I didn’t get the chance to post them.  All of these projects are based on the 2D designs of other fantastic artists.  The first one you probably recognize.  It is a 3D sculpt based on Disney’s Pocahontas.

This next sculpt is a 3D lizard based on  Boris Kiselicki’s lovely concept art.  Click the link to check out his art!

And this adorable creature is based on Sam Nielson’s concept art. Click on the link to check out his art!





Self-Made Halloween Costume

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So as a Halloween post, I decided to put up a few pictures of myself in my costume from last weekend.  I made myself into a headcrab zombie from the “Half-Life” series.  Basically, it is a parasitic alien that attacks peoples heads, kills them, and controls their body afterward.  Pretty cute, huh?