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3D Sculpting Fun


Some 3D sculpts I have been working on.  First one is my Pigeon Wizard character seen in earlier posts.  Don34 Donfront ZBrush Document3



3D sculpting Mania

So I learned a lot about 3D sculpting this semester, but was so busy creating these sculpts that I didn’t get the chance to post them.  All of these projects are based on the 2D designs of other fantastic artists.  The first one you probably recognize.  It is a 3D sculpt based on Disney’s Pocahontas.

This next sculpt is a 3D lizard based on  Boris Kiselicki’s lovely concept art.  Click the link to check out his art!

And this adorable creature is based on Sam Nielson’s concept art. Click on the link to check out his art!




Graduation and Pigeons

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  My last semester before graduation was crazy, but now I will post a lot to show you all what I have been up to for the last 3 months.  I’ve been learning to digital sculpt, producing motion graphics, created an animated layout for my film “Pigeon Wizard”, and creating a portfolio site.  Here is the animation of “Pigeon Wizard.”  I am hoping to fully animate it someday!


Action Poses

These are some action poses of one of my characters.

Fuchs_Character_poses“Some turn to dust and others to rust.  I wonder which I’ll be in the end.”- I imagine her saying this at one point.


Life Drawings Galore: week 5

Drawing people walking and working around campus.

Fuchs_hands005 Fuchs_hands006 Fuchs_hands007

Character Silhouette Experimentation

Sometimes it is easier to experiment with character variations when focusing on just the silhouette rather than all the little details inside.  This pictures are me experimenting with my earlier character.

silhouettes1_2 silhouettes2_2


Life Drawings Galore: week 3

More life drawings!

I drew a lot of hands this week, because I feel like my skills are lacking a bit in that area.