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New Sketches

Here are some recent sketches I created. I’ve been playing around with some story ideas. Nothing concrete yet but it will probably involve a lot of creatures from myths and folklore with my own twist.






Life Drawings Galore: week 4

What?  More?  Yes.

CD.9.23_002 CD.9.23_003 CD.9.23_001

Generating Ideas

So, in one of my classes this semester we are collaborating to create a short student film.  We are not sure what it is going to be about yet, but we have been brainstorming.  So far we have been interested in doing settings that are in outer space or under water.  Given these possible settings, I’ve been doing some quick drawings to help come up with ideas.



Zoo Gesture Drawings

Sorry I have not posted in a while.  Here are some sketches I have made of the animals at the zoo and nature center.  It is funny how the kids there get intrigued by the drawings.  I had a boy practically shove his head in my book while I was drawing 🙂

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A Lot of Foxes

So I did some sketch studies from video of foxes before spring break.  Here are the fox gesture drawings!




So, two or three weeks ago my class went to go draw real live apalcas!  Here are some drawings of these ridiculous, funny, wonderful, soft creatures.

spread3 spread4 (1)


More Gesture Sketches! III

Last Friday in my cafe Sketch class we drew gestures of ice skaters.  For more drawings from this assignment and others check out my blogger site of just figure and gesture drawings.