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Pigeon Wizard

This is a character I made based on a story my sister told me about a pigeon who got onto her train.  She claimed that the pigeon kept on flying into a particular man’s lap, because he was a pigeon wizard.  My character starts out as an ordinary man until one day he starts being followed by pigeons.  Hilarity ensues.  I’m in the process of making a short film with this character.  I’ll keep you updated.

KFuchs_CharDes_final_mainPose KFuchs_CharDes_final-turnaround KFuchs_CharDes_final_Expressions KFuchs_CharDes_final_actionPoses headsFullTurnMovie



Life Drawings Galore: week 5

Drawing people walking and working around campus.

Fuchs_hands005 Fuchs_hands006 Fuchs_hands007


Life Drawings Galore: week 4

What?  More?  Yes.

CD.9.23_002 CD.9.23_003 CD.9.23_001


Making Gestures More Appealing

For one of my classes I had to go through some of the gestures I have made and chose ones that were esthetically appealing.  Then I took some gestures that were not as appealing and pushed the poses and the “straights against curves.”  The first picture is the one in which I revised my previous drawings.



A Lot of Foxes

So I did some sketch studies from video of foxes before spring break.  Here are the fox gesture drawings!




So, two or three weeks ago my class went to go draw real live apalcas!  Here are some drawings of these ridiculous, funny, wonderful, soft creatures.

spread3 spread4 (1)