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Life Drawings Galore: week 4

What?  More?  Yes.

CD.9.23_002 CD.9.23_003 CD.9.23_001



Life Drawings Galore: week 3

More life drawings!

I drew a lot of hands this week, because I feel like my skills are lacking a bit in that area.





Life Drawings Galore: week 1

FuchsCD_week1Here it comes again!  Prepared to be bombarded with life drawings!



Making Gestures More Appealing

For one of my classes I had to go through some of the gestures I have made and chose ones that were esthetically appealing.  Then I took some gestures that were not as appealing and pushed the poses and the “straights against curves.”  The first picture is the one in which I revised my previous drawings.



More Gesture Sketches V!

Even more gesture sketches and drawings!  Here are a few from last Friday, to see even more of my gestures from that day and others check out my gesture drawing site!

spread1_again spread2_again


More Gesture Sketches IV

For homework in my cafe sketch class I’ve been drawing snowboarders in the Olympics.  To see more gestures from this assignment and others ,check out my blogger site!SPREAD2


More Gesture Sketches!

Last week, for homework in my cafe sketch class, we were supposed to take some of our old life-sketches that had small and hairy lines and redraw them in a clearer and more readable way.  For more of my life sketches from this assignment and more check out my  blogger site!