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3D Sculpting Fun


Some 3D sculpts I have been working on.  First one is my Pigeon Wizard character seen in earlier posts.  Don34 Donfront ZBrush Document3



3D sculpting Mania

So I learned a lot about 3D sculpting this semester, but was so busy creating these sculpts that I didn’t get the chance to post them.  All of these projects are based on the 2D designs of other fantastic artists.  The first one you probably recognize.  It is a 3D sculpt based on Disney’s Pocahontas.

This next sculpt is a 3D lizard based on  Boris Kiselicki’s lovely concept art.  Click the link to check out his art!

And this adorable creature is based on Sam Nielson’s concept art. Click on the link to check out his art!




Texturing for Game Design

In my Game Design class we have been collaborating to make a game called “Cthulhu Cop”.  I have been making animations and textures for the project.  Here is a picture of a sign I textured for both high and low quality that shows how many faces the objects are made of.  The model was made by Jacob Augenstein and the original concept design was made by Matt Wydick.  You should check out their sites!  I created the textures by sculpting and painting the original models in Mudbox.  I mapped out the UVs in Maya, exported the texture maps from Mudbox and applied them to the lower res versions in Maya.  It is important for game elements to be as simple as possible in order for the game to run smoothly.  Textures help the game look nice, while not eating up memory.



Time Turner Animation

Look!  I kept my promise of posting on Tuesday.  So I have been working on this for a while in order to practice modeling and learn about particles in maya.  In case you cannot tell, I am a huge Harry Potter fan and this time turner is not of my own design, but is based off the version in the movies.  I had a lot of fun and a lot of frustration with this.  Here is to learning and improvement.  I will try to post again next Tuesday!


Room Made in Maya

This is a room I modeled for my computer animation I class.  It is actually the student  center at my school (CCAD) at 6:00 PM.